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Robert Alan Krieger, born January 8, 1946, in Los Angeles, is a musical performer and The Doors guitarist. He attended UCLA. “The first music I heard that I liked was Peter and the Wolf. I accidentally sat and broke the record (I was about seven). Then I listened to rock ‘n’ roll – I listened to the radio a lot – Fats Domino, Elvis, The Platters.

“I started surfing at fourteen. There was lots of classical music in my house. My father liked march music. There was a piano at home. I studied trumpet at ten, but nothing came of it. Then I started playing blues on the piano?no lessons though. When I was seventeen, I started playing guitar. I used my friend’s guitar. I didn’t get my own until I was eighteen. It was a Mexican flamenco guitar. I took flamenco lessons for a few months. I switched around from folk to flamenco to blues to rock ‘n’ roll.

“Records got me into the blues. Some of the newer rock ‘n’ roll, such as the Paul Butterfield Blues Band. If it hadn’t been for Butterfield going electric, I probably wouldn’t have gone rock ‘n’ roll.

I didn’t plan on rock ‘n’ roll. I wanted to learn jazz; I got to know some people doing rock ‘n’ roll with jazz, and I thought I could make money playing music. In rock ‘n’ roll you can realize anything that you can in jazz or anything. There’s no limitation other than the beat. You have more freedom than you do in anything except jazz – which is dying – as far as making any money is concerned.

“In The Doors we have both musicians and poets, and both know of each other’s art, so we can effect a synthesis. In the case of Tim Buckley or Dylan you have one man’s ideas. Most groups today aren’t groups. In a true group all the members create the arrangements among themselves.”

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  • August 21, 2021
    The New Experience
    Uptown Jazz Festival
    Long Beach, CA
    Free Event
  • September 30, 2021
    Robby Krieger Band
    The Arcada Theatre
    St. Charles, IL
  • October 1, 2021
    Robby Krieger Band
    Des Plaines Theatre
    Des Plaines, IL
  • October 29, 2021
    Robby Krieger Band
    The Suffolk Theater
    Riverhead, NY
  • October 30, 2021
    Robby Krieger Band
    Sugar Loaf Performing Arts Center
    Sugar Loaf, NY
  • October 31, 2021
    Robby Krieger Band
    Keswick Theatre
    Glenside, PA
  • November 15-16, 2021
    Robby Krieger Band
    Sony Hall
    New York, NY
  • November 17, 2021
    Robby Krieger Band
    The Ridgefield Playhouse
    Ridgefield, CT
  • December 8, 2021
    Robby Krieger Band
    The Whisky a Go Go
    Los Angeles, CA

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Most people know Robby Krieger as the consummate music artist in his role as former guitar player and songwriter of the legendary band The Doors.
What shouldn’t be surprising is that creativity has no boundaries and many times artistic expression will spill over into more then one medium for the artist.
Robby Krieger is no exception as demonstrated in his creation of a collection of spectacular, never-before-seen works of art…now available to art lovers and Robby fans.
Now, through the charity services organization, ART FOR A CAUSE, limited edition, giclee prints of his beautiful paintings will, for the first time, be available to the fans of Robby Krieger.
“I hope my paintings brings joy and love to art lovers for many years to come.” – Robby Krieger

Click here to visit the “Art For A Cause” site.

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2 days ago
Robby Krieger


We're thrilled to announce an exclusive, live & interactive Zoom Q&A with the legendary guitarist, Robby Krieger of The Doors

Tickets include delivery of signed copy of his new book, Set the Night on Fire.

Info & tickets:
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2 weeks ago
Robby Krieger

Robby Krieger AMA ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

I am not a musician, and I rarely use the word genius, however, Robbie Krieger is IMO, a genius, a great lyricist, a fantastic guitarist/lyrist, and a purist. The music of the Doors is timeless. ⚡️🎵

Robbie, thank you for posting your playing on You Tube. Spanish Caravan was my favorite song you showed us. Any plans for the next one?. Land Ho and Love Me Two Times would be great! Hope to see you in Detroit. You have been a big influence on the Happy Curmudgeons.

Robby, I was front row at your show in Kokomo, IN. I will never forget the happiness I had to watch you play. You played my favorite song, Maggie Magill. What is your all time favorite song?

I tuned into the Doors partially by a "best of" album my dad had. But around '94, a friend really catapulted me into it. I collected all your regular work and some bootlegs. I love all of it, but I have special love for LA Woman and the Soft Parade. Also your funky bluesy Black polished chrome guitar gets stuck in my head very frequently. If I had TikTok, I wouldn't know what to ask you. Just, thank you for the music!

Are you ever coming back to toledo ohio for a concert? The holy wood casino show 7 years ago was awesome! Also thank you for leaving your mark on the world and being so unique!

Mister Krieger. We read a few decades ago mr Densmore's: ' Riders on The Storm' and we really cannot wait for yours. You are a living legend <3 Ladydust.

You sir are one of the greatest musicians of all times! Don't get me wrong everybody loves Jim Morrison, but what would the Doors be without the music behind the voice? You are are on my bucket list to see and I would love to invite you to come play at the Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center in Odessa Texas. I promise you will have a sold-out show! The Doors are the greatest band of all time!😍😍😍😍😍

Robbie, I’m sort of family. My husband, Richard Solomon, was a cousin. We have loved your music forever.. Keep rockin’

Here's a question? While doing the concert (I forget which particular one) but when Jim supposedly begged you to trip with him, (movie reference) did you actually see the Navajo dancing with him and the medicine man from which Jim seen on the trip to the desert??? Btw I don't do much Tik Toking if any at all! Why I asked here Robby Krieger you can PM the answer if you wish!

I don't have a question Robby but I always have your CD in the player. I have about every album from back in the day. Your playing really hits my soul... You altogether with each of your talents... What an honest pleasure to listen to your guitar.

If I were able to ask Robbie a question it would be...Jim's performance/voice on the Doors first demos doesn't sound that wonderful. You joined not too long after those demos were made and between then and the first album, Jim's voice quickly evolved. Do you remember thinking this guy can't sing to hearing the change or were the demos a poor representation of his voice?. Most of those demos were later re recorded and one of them, "Hello, I Love You" was a number 1. John Densmore said in his book how suprised he was at the success of "Hello, I love you" and I suspect many other Doors songs. My second question would be, We're you aware of how brilliant the Doors were while you were doing it or did it take a little time for you to realize it?

What factors lead you and Ray to use Acoustic amplifiers? Thank you very much - in advance. Cheers.

Robby my question is if you can tell something about the "RED SHIFT" project since there is little information about that formation and in fact it was a very good job. Thanks!!!

How is it that you just seemed to have gotten better and better with age as a player? You were a great player then and IMO even better now! What are your guitar practice routines?

I love your song, Let it Slide. Is that a difficult song for you to play?

There are so many questions, I believe that my will disappear in this Ocean, but I must ask, here in Brazil South America will we have the honor of seeing you again in a concert? I can't wait to read your book, thank you for making the soundtracks of our lives grandmaster

Robby, what do you value most in life now and from which you get joy? Thank you.

Without doubt the most talented of the doors Not a question as such but does it piss you off that when people mention the doors they think Jim ?

Has anyone ever figured out what was added and how to the Twin Reverb to make it sound the way it did on the Doors albums? I play in a Doors tribute band in St. Louis (called The Doorz) and I've been trying to dial in that tone for a while now. I once read that it was some kind of diode added somewhere?

Can't wait for the book Robby, I saw in an interview that Ray's favorite Doors song was Riders, what about you? and thank you for the music 🙂

anybody know where to pre order signed copies

Will you be having any signings?

When ya teaming up with the Ultimate Doors (Ohio) and coming out to central PA? That's my question.

I’ll be using Doors songs in my movie to change the world. See you soon. 😉

How crazy was the Flying Jib in Redondo Beach

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4 weeks ago
Robby Krieger

New Robby Krieger Fall 2021 Tour Dates Announced! More to come! See for details. ... See MoreSee Less

New Robby Krieger Fall 2021 Tour Dates Announced! More to come!  See for details.

Comment on Facebook

This may be the only concert I attend for the year. Thank you Robby for taking your music on the road!👏

Robby Krieger, please come to Florida. I saw you 18 years ago after a horrific accident that seriously messed up my face. I was still in recovery but that concert was the best show ever. I couldn’t get on the stage to meet you, Ray, and John but the experience was surreal to say the least. ❤️❤️❤️

Hey Robby Krieger what about the Surf Ballroom in Iowa. Would love to see you guys again!!!!

Come to the Bay Area Robby!!!!!!

Robby!!! 💕💕 I feel so blessed as a 35 yr old to get to see u again. Ur talent is timeless and I can’t wait!

Will Robbie after the show in St.Charles IL meet with the fans I will be traveling 10.5 hours to see the show would love for him to sign my record that John densmore also signed

Robbie at the Whisky on Jimbo's birthday will be one for the ages!

Omg!!! I can’t believe you are going to play in Sugarloaf, NY. I live 8 minutes from there and have a shop there. Also my hubby and I met you on the Rock Legends cruise in 2020 in front of the men’s room… hahaha. We are excited that you’re coming to the Hudson Valley area.

Any way to come back to Atlanta? That rooftop concert was one of the best shows ever!

Can't read It, coming to bourbon country, Louisville KY ? Come around Derby time, something to explore peace ✌, stay with us lol

The Newton in Jersey or the Sherman Theater in Stroudsburg, PA!! Can't wait Robbie!!!

Dammit Robby Krieger, I can't drive from Harrisburg to the Keswick on Halloween. How about fitting a date in there at ClubXL in Harrisburg?!?!

You need to come to Minnesota!

Come to Lubbock ⭐ Texas!!!!!

Any European concerts? We havent seen Robby for a long time now

Hi Robby, will you be performing with your son?

Will you come in Montréal? Please!

Any chance of a gig in New Orleans?

Coming to Austin Texas anytime soon?

Play some of "A Cat's Tale" on the road !!

Come to Mexico city again robby!!!

What time is he playing on Sunday ??

Nenothtu Bows, we could go on a mini vacay…. I’d love to see Robby Krieger in concert again; he is the best guitarist ever.

Vera Petra, October 31st! Keswick Theater!

Mr. K. Fantastic . Certainly I would do some shows with you. Friend , Darren Anthony

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4 weeks ago
Robby Krieger

Have you seen Robby Krieger's new group "The New Experience"? If not, you can check them out on August 21 at the 10th annual Uptown Jazz Festival in Long Beach, CA. Their set starts at 3:00 pm. No cover charge.

For those who haven't seen them yet, "The New Experience" consists of Robby Krieger (The Doors), keyboardist Ed Roth (Annie Lennox), bassist Kevin Brandon aka "Brandino" (Aretha Franklin) and drummer Franklin Vanderbilt (Lenny Kravitz).

"A New Experience in Jazz, Rhythm and Blues".

Robby will also be touring the Midwest and US East Coast starting in September with shows in Illinois, Pennsylvania, New York and Connecticut. Dates will posted soon! Check for the latest.
... See MoreSee Less

Have you seen Robby Kriegers new group The New Experience?  If not, you can check them out on August 21 at the 10th annual Uptown Jazz Festival in Long Beach, CA. Their set starts at 3:00 pm. No cover charge. 

For those who havent seen them yet, The New Experience consists of Robby Krieger (The Doors), keyboardist Ed Roth (Annie Lennox), bassist Kevin Brandon aka Brandino (Aretha Franklin) and drummer Franklin Vanderbilt (Lenny Kravitz).

A New Experience in Jazz, Rhythm and Blues.

Robby will also be touring the Midwest and US East Coast starting in September with shows in Illinois, Pennsylvania, New York and Connecticut. Dates will posted soon!  Check for the latest.

Comment on Facebook

Was blessed to see you and Ray along with Ian doing the Jim thing in 2005 at the Manchester Arena 🙌

I’ve been lucky to witness Robby Krieger and his talent in person. I certainly hope to again. Looking forward to it.

That would be a great time..its a pitty we are in New Zealand.

yes! Robby so glad you are coming back to PA! Missed you so much! ❤

What about Michigan?

Come to México City!

Come to Austin Tx

Ohio date...please..

Come to Lubbock ⭐ Texas, hometown of Buddy Holly 🤓

Deridder Louisiana? Lmao

Robby plays some mean ethereal Jimi covers

Europe - Scandinavia PLIISE !!!!!!


Come to Tampa!!!

I met him at pep rally

Texas please.

Siempre he admirado su estilo.Esperamos su regreso con la nueva banda .Gran página en el libro del rock.Feliz día.

El mejor de los éxitos Robby

Thanks for continuing to tour. Gives us a small taste of the past BUT with great musicians as well. I’ll check out Illinois venue. Saw the Sunday morning piece

St. Augustine Fl. please!

How about Florida old man.

3 PM? Old bastard

vem para o BraSil

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1 month ago
Robby Krieger

Collecting the words of Jim Morrison ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

Loved seeing this on Sunday! I love learning more about the Doors and Jim.

Great segment, very cool! Loved seeing Anne talk too.

Your music holds up after 50 years, and will continue to do so; great music always does.

you’re the man robby grateful u guys are still here. rest in peace jim and ray man i was born in 1995 but my family was already listening in mexico. thank u guys for everything the doors 🚪 forever ♾ ✨

I forgot to watch it unless they play it after 8 am PST ???

Para mi hijo y yo, la mejor banda de todos los tiempos.saludos.

Robbie porque no pusieron subtitulos para la comunidad latina😁

Robbie and John have both done my show .

I love your music and always will . ❤️❤️

Salut, du Québec!

They are probably sooooo sick of answering questions about Morrison......

Saw this yesterday on YouTube good interview guys 👍🏻👍🏻

Would love to see these two reunite one last time and do a tour.

Money beats soul every time

Densmore never liked Morrison he’s a duck

Hi Robby. I wasn't able to post, so I placed this as a comment. Hope you find it of interest.

Saw ya!


Kelly Memme

Nice one !

Love you Robby Krieger !!!

Alex Murphy

Morrison rockssssssss. We loved you brother

Stacey Vogel Weyandt gotta catch this tomorrow morning

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