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Robert Alan Krieger, born January 8, 1946, in Los Angeles, is a musical performer and The Doors guitarist. He attended UCLA. “The first music I heard that I liked was Peter and the Wolf. I accidentally sat and broke the record (I was about seven). Then I listened to rock ‘n’ roll – I listened to the radio a lot – Fats Domino, Elvis, The Platters.

“I started surfing at fourteen. There was lots of classical music in my house. My father liked march music. There was a piano at home. I studied trumpet at ten, but nothing came of it. Then I started playing blues on the piano?no lessons though. When I was seventeen, I started playing guitar. I used my friend’s guitar. I didn’t get my own until I was eighteen. It was a Mexican flamenco guitar. I took flamenco lessons for a few months. I switched around from folk to flamenco to blues to rock ‘n’ roll.

“Records got me into the blues. Some of the newer rock ‘n’ roll, such as the Paul Butterfield Blues Band. If it hadn’t been for Butterfield going electric, I probably wouldn’t have gone rock ‘n’ roll.

I didn’t plan on rock ‘n’ roll. I wanted to learn jazz; I got to know some people doing rock ‘n’ roll with jazz, and I thought I could make money playing music. In rock ‘n’ roll you can realize anything that you can in jazz or anything. There’s no limitation other than the beat. You have more freedom than you do in anything except jazz – which is dying – as far as making any money is concerned.

“In The Doors we have both musicians and poets, and both know of each other’s art, so we can effect a synthesis. In the case of Tim Buckley or Dylan you have one man’s ideas. Most groups today aren’t groups. In a true group all the members create the arrangements among themselves.”

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Most people know Robby Krieger as the consummate music artist in his role as former guitar player and songwriter of the legendary band The Doors.
What shouldn’t be surprising is that creativity has no boundaries and many times artistic expression will spill over into more then one medium for the artist.
Robby Krieger is no exception as demonstrated in his creation of a collection of spectacular, never-before-seen works of art…now available to art lovers and Robby fans.
Now, through the charity services organization, ART FOR A CAUSE, limited edition, giclee prints of his beautiful paintings will, for the first time, be available to the fans of Robby Krieger.
“I hope my paintings brings joy and love to art lovers for many years to come.” – Robby Krieger

Click here to visit the “Art For A Cause” site.

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1 week ago

Robby Krieger

Happy Valentines Day! Who do you love?

New video featuring Robby Krieger (guitar), Ed Roth (keys), Waylon Krieger (lead vocals), Dan Rothchild (bass/backup vocals) and Ty Dennis (drums).
... See MoreSee Less

Happy Valentines Day!  Who do you love?

New video featuring Robby Krieger (guitar), Ed Roth (keys), Waylon Krieger (lead vocals), Dan Rothchild (bass/backup vocals) and Ty Dennis (drums).

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Happy valentínes day, que buen video, robby krieger, Ty Dennis, Waylon Krieger.

The Doors are my all time favorite group...but seriously? This guy cannot sing...

Best slide work ever on that song with the vibrato.going at the same time and the slide moving without picking at certain times makes it sound like a nother instrument.My favorite live song of yours.Waiting for the sun was Heavy metal and as Black Sabbath in 69.Very underated Robbie,very.Very influential.

Fantastic! Happy New Year Robby!!

WOW!!!! You have a album with this group Robbie!!!! I want one of you do!!!! Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!

I love YOU Robby. You are the greatest. I sincerely mean it.

awesome robbie. you are a master of the ax.

I was before Morrison & here after him .Better

Love you and the doors❤

Nice song! 😀

"I walked 47 miles on barbed wire Cobra snake for a necktie"

I love the Doors

Good job Robby...

Grande Robby! Admiración total


Do you remember when you came to Seattle?

Very cool 😎

The Doors!

The Doors ❤️


Romans Chapter 8 VERSES 8&9 Mandantory Robbie

❤️ it

Robbie! No post about your PBS concert? FRONT AND CENTER baby! Rerun on my channel. Great show 🤩😎🎸😄

Melinda Fryer

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🎈 Happy birthday Robby and thank you and other Doors members and producers for the great music 🎵 and performance.

Happy Birthday Robbie Krieger, since 1966 your words and music have been inspirational to many of the musicians and bands that followed. Generations have listened and been inspired. HAPPY 75, and many more my friend.

Happy Birthday Robby! It was a pleasure meeting you.

Robbie, John, Ray y Jim. I always remember all of you. And always hear your music. I love every song....Have a happy birthday Robbie. The doors forever

One of the most underappreciated guitarist of all time. Just made everything better.

Happy Birthday Mr. Krieger, one of my favorite and greatest musicians in music history. Have a wonderful birthday 🎂♥️

Happy Birthday Robby Krieger - Thank you for all your wonderful song writing and guitar playing!

Happy birthday Robby Krieger, your music is the best inspiration for work in my projects (y)

Have the happiest of birthdays! You are one of the greatest my friend! And that you are since I’ve been listening to you since I was 13! I’m now.... I’ll keep that to myself. Happy Birthday!!

Happy birthday from Vienna, dear Robby ! 🎼🎸🎵 stay well and dont stop learn us to play your song's.

Happy birthday robby, I a great fan of the doors, and I love your riffs... So fucking good. 🤙🏻

Happy Birthday Robby! I can't even tell you how much you and your music have meant to my life. Grateful to share this planet with you. Have a great Birthday! 🎉🎁🎂🎈🎸🎶

Happy Birthday Robby. Same day as David Bowie!

Happy Birthday! May your life be full of unique and unforgettable moments today, tomorrow and always. May happiness always find the path of your heart. Congratulations, have a beautiful day and a wonderful life!

Happy Birthday to one of my first guitar heros!

Happy birthday Robby ! Spanish Caravan and Peace Frog are two of my favorite guitar songs of all time !!

Happiest birthday!!!!💪💪🎶🎶🤟🤟🤟🤟

Happy Birthday Mr Krieger and thank you guys for the music! Kind regards from Bosnia&Herzegovina.

happy birthday love to play alongside with you one day

An amazing musician and guitarist par excellence... and he's a Capricorn lol. ☯ 🤩

Happy birthday teacher, long life, thank you very much for delighting us with your music, it is a real treat to hear you play the guitar.

Great guitar player and writer as well as having a son who is a real good vocalist.

Happy Birfday to one of the greatest guitarists, song writers and consummate musicians of our generation(s) Here's to Triple Digits!

Have a Fantastic Birthday Robby! So glad I was able to see you and your band perform near LA this past year.

Happy Birthday to one of Rock's greatest talents! Thank you for everything you've given us!

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2 months ago

Robby Krieger

Guess whose birthday is tomorrow? 🙂 ... See MoreSee Less

Guess whose birthday is tomorrow?  :)

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I hope you had the happiest of birthdays Sir. Thanks so much for your music that I love and enjoy. It’s timeless and will always be relevant and continuously listened to. I saw you a couple of years ago at a small venue in Beverly Massachusetts and your talent was amazing. You rock!

Grande Robby Krieger

Excelente foto, happy birthday robby krieger.

Hope your day is filled with all things you love! Thanx for the music!

Happy Birthday Robbie! Thank you for all the great music and for the lessons of some of your songs!

The first time I read no one here gets out alive, is when I realized we have the the same birthday! It's also David Bowie and Elvis's bday!

What a little cutie pie! Happy belated!

Happy Birthday, Robby! 🎶😎

Happy Birthday to you Robby! Finally got to see you live at the Pompano Beach Amphitheatre,in Florida a few years back. Amazin'! Again..Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday Robby, hope you have a wonderful day.

Happy Birthday Robby! This picture was taken of you & I in the 90’s in Glens Falls, NY. One of my favorite pics ever. Have a great day.♥️

Happy Birthday Robby!!!...SO adorable!!! ❤

Happy Birthday Robby! Thank you for the great music with The Doors!

Hey Robbie let me take you to India someday .. where Krsna was born .. I promise you the best time of your life

Happy Birthday, Robby!! Our best wishes for a great Birthday and Birthday weekend!! Also, Happy New Year!!

Rock and roll !! 🎸 have a fantastic day on your birthday !!!

We know who! Happy Birthday to the best!

Happy Birthday Robby from the Dominican Republic (originally Australia)! Thank you for the music & here's to many more birthdays to come! You have made a positive impact on our lives that we are all grateful for! Keep up the great work! 🥳🎁🎈🎉🎊🇩🇴🇦🇺

Happy birthday Robby! Thank you eternally for The Music ❤❤

Happy BIRTHDAY great Robby !!! 🥂 from Italy

Happy birthday teacher, long life, thank you very much for delighting us with your music, it is a real treat to hear you play the guitar.

Happy birthday & thanks for the great music and posts!

How sweet. Happy birthday Robby. Love your music. Love the doors.

Happy Birthday!🎈🎉 Greetings from The Netherlands 🇳🇱!

Happy Birthday Robby🥳 one of my best memories 2016🥰

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