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Robert Alan Krieger, born January 8, 1946, in Los Angeles, is a musical performer and The Doors guitarist. He attended UCLA. “The first music I heard that I liked was Peter and the Wolf. I accidentally sat and broke the record (I was about seven). Then I listened to rock ‘n’ roll – I listened to the radio a lot – Fats Domino, Elvis, The Platters.

“I started surfing at fourteen. There was lots of classical music in my house. My father liked march music. There was a piano at home. I studied trumpet at ten, but nothing came of it. Then I started playing blues on the piano?no lessons though. When I was seventeen, I started playing guitar. I used my friend’s guitar. I didn’t get my own until I was eighteen. It was a Mexican flamenco guitar. I took flamenco lessons for a few months. I switched around from folk to flamenco to blues to rock ‘n’ roll.

“Records got me into the blues. Some of the newer rock ‘n’ roll, such as the Paul Butterfield Blues Band. If it hadn’t been for Butterfield going electric, I probably wouldn’t have gone rock ‘n’ roll.

I didn’t plan on rock ‘n’ roll. I wanted to learn jazz; I got to know some people doing rock ‘n’ roll with jazz, and I thought I could make money playing music. In rock ‘n’ roll you can realize anything that you can in jazz or anything. There’s no limitation other than the beat. You have more freedom than you do in anything except jazz – which is dying – as far as making any money is concerned.

“In The Doors we have both musicians and poets, and both know of each other’s art, so we can effect a synthesis. In the case of Tim Buckley or Dylan you have one man’s ideas. Most groups today aren’t groups. In a true group all the members create the arrangements among themselves.”

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Most people know Robby Krieger as the consummate music artist in his role as former guitar player and songwriter of the legendary band The Doors.
What shouldn’t be surprising is that creativity has no boundaries and many times artistic expression will spill over into more then one medium for the artist.
Robby Krieger is no exception as demonstrated in his creation of a collection of spectacular, never-before-seen works of art…now available to art lovers and Robby fans.
Now, through the charity services organization, ART FOR A CAUSE, limited edition, giclee prints of his beautiful paintings will, for the first time, be available to the fans of Robby Krieger.
“I hope my paintings brings joy and love to art lovers for many years to come.” – Robby Krieger

Click here to visit the “Art For A Cause” site.

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7 hours ago

Robby Krieger

MEDLOCK-KRIEGER UPDATE: Venue change for Medlock-Krieger All-Star Concert on the 28th. The concert will now be held at Bogies in Westlake Village. Additional information coming soon! ... See MoreSee Less

MEDLOCK-KRIEGER UPDATE: Venue change for Medlock-Krieger All-Star Concert on the 28th. The concert will now be held at Bogies in Westlake Village. Additional information coming soon!


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Robby 😍😍😍😍

You played my club The Hearth on the night the Doors movie opened! What a night!

1 day ago

Robby Krieger

How many of you will be making it out to the Medlock-Krieger event on the 28th? These are events you don't want to miss, and always for a great cause. For more information, see Annual Scott Medlock - Robby Krieger Celebrity Golf Event & All-Star Concert to benefit the Medlock Krieger Foundation, which supports organizations suc...
... See MoreSee Less

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So proud of my cuz Robbie-great guitarist, artist, philanthropist, and all around super person!

Thank you Robbie! Huge fan of the Doors, amazing guitar player, song writer and I dig your "bottleneck slides"🎸👌😎

I am there☆

4 days ago

Robby Krieger

Mark the date! October 28th - The 2019 Annual Scott Medlock & Robby Krieger Rock & Roll Golf Classic and All-Star Concert. For anyone who has attended these in the past, you know it's one of those events you DON'T want to miss. Proceeds benefit the Medlock-Krieger Foundation which supports the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and Simms/ Mann UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology. For more information, visit ... See MoreSee Less


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Feeling here a thank you and gratitude to you for everyone being able to hear your music all this recent time and to be a part of your internet pages. We are very lucky. Thanks Mr. Krieger.

Have to add this to my list of fun events!

Robby and your very old Gibson sg guitar 🎸 ... Is awesome

Exibir meu selo de superfã! Abraço, Robby!

Damn now that sounds like fun

Right on RK!!!

Azucena Muro

AngelRodriguezAndrés Rodríguez

How important it is when the musician feels that sound that comes from the gut and his instrument, that I call a privileged person who makes history and leaves his mark in this abstract world, congratulations Robert,andas

Lovin those “loudmouth” pants!!!!

Muy bien


If you ever do anything in Texas let me know!


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1 week ago

Robby Krieger

Thanks to all who attended Robby's sold out "New Experience" gig at Bogies. Hope you had a blast! New Experience Band featuring Robby Krieger, Brandino, Ed Roth, Dale Alexander performing Jazz, Rock, R&B, and Blues in a new experience !
... See MoreSee Less

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It was amazing. Hope people buy tickets to be with Robby for the Medlock Krieger events.

Thanks for an amazing performance & great seeing you guys!☆

I will be there. Cannot wait!!!


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1 week ago

Robby Krieger

Special guest at tonight’s gig at Bogies, Dennis Quaid! ... See MoreSee Less

Special guest at tonight’s gig at Bogies, Dennis Quaid!


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Dennis actually full of Spirit.. With an easy listening voice.


Wtf hahha let’s go Eric Hall

Dennis sou sua fã.


Love that man!!

Saw him ... just yesterday ... in Goliath! 🤗


it would be a party if you had Randy Quaid

How's Randy doing?

rock on dennis quaid!!!

Tuck pendleton says yes

Is he selling insurance?

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