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Robert Alan Krieger, born January 8, 1946, in Los Angeles, is a musical performer and The Doors guitarist. He attended UCLA. “The first music I heard that I liked was Peter and the Wolf. I accidentally sat and broke the record (I was about seven). Then I listened to rock ‘n’ roll – I listened to the radio a lot – Fats Domino, Elvis, The Platters.

“I started surfing at fourteen. There was lots of classical music in my house. My father liked march music. There was a piano at home. I studied trumpet at ten, but nothing came of it. Then I started playing blues on the piano?no lessons though. When I was seventeen, I started playing guitar. I used my friend’s guitar. I didn’t get my own until I was eighteen. It was a Mexican flamenco guitar. I took flamenco lessons for a few months. I switched around from folk to flamenco to blues to rock ‘n’ roll.

“Records got me into the blues. Some of the newer rock ‘n’ roll, such as the Paul Butterfield Blues Band. If it hadn’t been for Butterfield going electric, I probably wouldn’t have gone rock ‘n’ roll.

I didn’t plan on rock ‘n’ roll. I wanted to learn jazz; I got to know some people doing rock ‘n’ roll with jazz, and I thought I could make money playing music. In rock ‘n’ roll you can realize anything that you can in jazz or anything. There’s no limitation other than the beat. You have more freedom than you do in anything except jazz – which is dying – as far as making any money is concerned.

“In The Doors we have both musicians and poets, and both know of each other’s art, so we can effect a synthesis. In the case of Tim Buckley or Dylan you have one man’s ideas. Most groups today aren’t groups. In a true group all the members create the arrangements among themselves.”

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Most people know Robby Krieger as the consummate music artist in his role as former guitar player and songwriter of the legendary band The Doors.
What shouldn’t be surprising is that creativity has no boundaries and many times artistic expression will spill over into more then one medium for the artist.
Robby Krieger is no exception as demonstrated in his creation of a collection of spectacular, never-before-seen works of art…now available to art lovers and Robby fans.
Now, through the charity services organization, ART FOR A CAUSE, limited edition, giclee prints of his beautiful paintings will, for the first time, be available to the fans of Robby Krieger.
“I hope my paintings brings joy and love to art lovers for many years to come.” – Robby Krieger

Click here to visit the “Art For A Cause” site.

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1 week ago

Robby Krieger

Happy Thanksgiving from the Robby Krieger Archives. Hope everyone was able to spend time with family and friends. Here is an unpublished photo of The Doors celebrating together with a meal in Hawaii in 1970. Can you find Jim? 🙂 ... See MoreSee Less

Happy Thanksgiving from the Robby Krieger Archives.  Hope everyone was able to spend time with family and friends.  Here is an unpublished photo of The Doors celebrating together with a meal in Hawaii in 1970.  Can you find Jim? :)


Comment on Facebook

A lot of great comments. I will give you the answer of who is who tomorrow!

Loved all the comments! Here's the answer. Starting on the left and going clockwise. John and Julia Densmore, Ray and Dorothy Manzarek, Bruce Botnick and his date, Jim Morrison with a napkin on his head, Lynn Krieger, and then Robby Krieger with his back to the camera. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, Robby. Of course Jim is at the head of the table.

Happy Thanksgiving Robby! My husband and I were scream singing along to The Doors on our way to our Thanksgiving Day dinner. xo

Happy Thanksgiving Robby and family, the guy with napkin sure looks guilty, but I'm saying Jim is left in front of you.

John has the napkin on his head. Jim is sitting on the left between a girl, maybe Pam hard to tell, and to his left is Ray's wife Dorothy. Robby is in front of camera sitting at the end of table facing away from camera.

Hope you are having a fantastic Turkey Day. 🦃 Saw you at the Canyon in Agoura Hills in June 2018. Thank YOU for putting on an awesome show! 😁

I think maybe Jim took this photo. John I think is on the right with the napkin on his head? Or it's the other way round? Robby is sitting with his back to the camera. Happy thanksgiving Robby! Cheers from London.

Happy Thanksgiving Robby! I'm thankful for all the awesome music you've given! I heard L.A. Woman on SiriusXM the other morning while driving around Orlando and it made me miss L.A. something fierce!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!! He's hiding under the napkin!! 😁❤🦃

Happy Thanksgiving Robby!

Thank you for sharing this picture !!! Happy Thanksgiving 🍁

thanks Robby...R.I.P. Ray and Jim.

Happy thanksgiving Robby ❤️

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Robby!

Happy T-day Robbie. I think Jim's got the white napkin over his head.cheers

Happy Thanksgiving Robby!

Happy Thanksgiving Robby!

Awesome pic. Happy Thanksgiving

Robby, you were Amazing in Bonn! Thx alot

Thank you for sharing #robbykrieger. So grateful for your transformative contribution to the body of music, my friend.

Awesome thanks for letting us see the door's one more time and yes you can just see the top of jims head have a lovely thanksgiving...

I'm going with under the napkin! Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving Robby Krieger

Happy thanksgiving to you Robby

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2 weeks ago

Robby Krieger

Rest in Peace Doug.Our condolences go out to the family, friends, and fans of Doug Lubahn. Doug made indelible contributions to rock and roll, and especially to The Doors. He played bass on Strange Days, Waiting for the Sun, and The Soft Parade. RIP, Doug. - The Doors Team ... See MoreSee Less

Rest in Peace Doug.


Comment on Facebook

He was a member of a great, If short-lived band, Clearlight. Their unique album was released by Elektra.

So sorry for your loss Robby. God bless his soul. Hugs

I was able to let him know that I thought his contributions to the The Doors were superlative: his tone, his time, his creative gusto added to the success that was the band. Oftentimes we bassists go unrecognized for what we add...but those of us who listen and feel know the difference, and it’s that magical something that makes the difference. Sail on Doug Lubahn.

Sorry for your loss Robby. Interesting to read about other work he has done.

RIP Doug! 😢

Rest In Peace Brother.

Sad loss, great legacy of work .

sorry for your loss Robby, Condolences.

Rest easy and say hello to Jim and Ray...I know they met you at the gate!

RIP doug❤️❤️❤️

Oh man. What a great contributor to the doors sound.

Condolences RIP

Peace be with you Doug.

RIP Doug.

Prayers to you and his family.

RIP Doug

So sorry for your loss Robby. I guess you could say he was the 5th member of the band R.I.P. Doug.

Thankyou Doug

Gran pérdida excelente bajista

Crazy. I've been focused on his work lately, now this!

Didn't he also play with Elvis? Didn't he open LA Woman with that incredible bass line?

To have played sublime bass on three majestic albums must have given him an inner peace. I hope so...



R.I.P., Doug.

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4 weeks ago

Robby Krieger

Last minute Robby gig update: For those of you in Vegas, tonight Robby will be sitting in with Lady Gaga at the Nomad Hotel at 11 pm. Tomorrow (Sunday), Robby is performing at the Love Ride Festival at Harley Davidson of Santa Clarita with Chevy Metal and Billy Idol! Hope to see you there! ... See MoreSee Less


Comment on Facebook

Robby sure plays a lot and it shows in his excellent performances!

Have a good time and hope you play in Paris or Holland.... I go 8 december to Paris.... 😉🌟🌟🌟🍻

🤘 so grateful I got to see you all at the roundhouse........peace & love brother 💜

Oh man wish I still lived in Vegas 😩

Man so cool, I can’t imagine how cool it would be to see this living legend perform

Robby is young and creativity 🎸




Damn just saw this ...

Will Robby Krieger be doing a post show meet and greet or sign autographs?

Andy Jonathan


Wish I could be there!such an amazing guitarist. Thank you Robby Krieger for continued music and touring playing The Doors music. You have made a dream come true for me since I’ve become a fan. God bless

I wanna see his show so bad!!! To far for me to go on short notice! I really hope he comes to Northern California


Je suis française comme j'aimerais être à un de vos concerts, merci Robby Krieger d'être ce magnifique et magicien de la musique avec les Doors vous êtes un rêve merveilleux, le soir arrive et la lune vous accompagne, merci merci Y love you

Blow their doors off!

And I live here in Lubbock 😒

How I wish I lived in the US!

Guadalajara méxico cuando robby krieger...????


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1 month ago

Robby Krieger

BREAKING: Robby Krieger and John Densmore will be performing together on January 23, 2020 to benefit the homeless community. Get your tickets now! Don’t miss this!!
... See MoreSee Less

BREAKING: Robby Krieger and John Densmore will be performing together on January 23, 2020 to benefit the homeless community. Get your tickets now! Don’t miss this!!


Comment on Facebook

Robby --I got to see you in Malibu with Eric Burdon years ago ( and at the 20 years after show ) --Would love to see you , John and crew play in Arizona --I wish i was able to see the Doors --any shows coming this way ?

Fairly large venue. That is wonderful. I hope you can help a lot of homeless people.

Love to see the both of you play in Wisconsin..that would be awesome!!

Great lineup excellent cause

Damn all thee greats on the same night but I already have tickets to David Foster that night

I’ll never ever get to see you guys and I’m the biggest fan in the world . Please come to Australia .

Thank you Anna!

I live in Poland, sorry, but I'm with you!

So glad there are people who look out for the homeless,they are suffering

Let me know if you need a singer for this!!! 😁 🙏🏼

Does anyone have a presage code?

Take my money!!! Plus it's for a good cause 😄

Josh Ramer

7 or 8 december 2019 in Paris???? 😊🌟🌟🌟


Dylan DeFeo

Cuando vienen a guadalajara México robby krieger


Robby, thanks for the great show at Rams Head in Annapolis, MD back in September. I was in the front row and caught your guitar pick at the end of the show!! Thanks for a great night. Loved the set list you and the band played.

UK please.


D'Arcy Kahn any interest??


Johana Ugaz ♥️

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